1. An item I want is out of stock, will you get it in again.

Some of our products whilst show as out of stock we can request our suppliers to get in again, in which case its just a slightly longer waiting time whilst they get it and send it to us. Please let us know if you have your eye on any out of stock products and we will be more than happy to chase it up for you.

2. Do you do special orders?

We always do what we can for our customers, if you want a product we don't have, please bring it to our attention and we will en devour to find it just for you.


3. Do you only sell Anime?

We used to, and whilst we specialize in anime we have recently been expanding our product range to include other pop culture and sci-fi products among other things. As we grow, so does our range.

4. Do you do Pre-Orders?

Yes we do, however this is only on certain product lines. All products that are available for Pre-Order will have the estimated release date and 'PRE-ORDER' in the title as well as the item description.