Assassination Classroom: Season 02 Part 02 (Episodes 14-25)

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Assassination Classroom: Season 02 Part 02 (Episodes 14-25)

Time is running out to save the world. But as the class grows closer to Koro Sensei, the decision to take him out becomes more difficult. Though for some, it may not be that hard of a choice after all. One student's true intentions come out and unveil an unexpected link to Koro Sensei, unlocking the secrets of their teacher's past.

Koro Sensei's story, his real intentions...what is the truth behind their mission and their teacher? Once they finally know, everything shifts and the class splits-between those who still want to kill and those who want to save him. It's up to a battle of skill and determination to decide on the class' objective.

But Shiro and the government have their own agendas that change everything. When the timer counts down, the absolute choice must be made. Blade in hand, the moment is right-do they make the final blow?

Language: English and Japanese 

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