Dragon Ball Complete Collection Part 1 (Sagas 1-6) (Fatpack)

Dragon Ball Complete Collection Part 1 (Sagas 1-6) (Fatpack)



Goku's epic journey begins here!

The Akira Toriyama epic! 

Deep within the core of the Earth a fire rages. Within the heart of this fire dwells the Eternal Dragon, a magical beast of limitless power that can be summoned from his fiery lair only when the seven magic Dragon Balls, now scattered over the face of the Earth, are found and brought together. When the seven magic Dragon Balls are united, the Eternal Dragon will appear before the adventurer who brought them together and grant that person a single wish. 

Then, once more the balls will be scattered to the four winds, and the dragon beast will return to his fiery lair until another brave or foolish soul rediscovers the balls and tries to bring them together again. 

Now meet Goku... a brave, innocent young boy with incredible powers, who is plunged into a mystical adventure in exotic lands. This normal little boy (if you count having a tail as normal, that is) and his collection of screwy friends are looking for the 7 almost mystical Dragon Balls with which one can summon a charmed Dragon who will grant a single wish! 

See the adventure that launched the entire Dragonball Z series! 

The first 6 sagas of the original Dragon Ball series packed into one giant box! 

Box-set includes: 

Emperor Pilaf 
First World Martial Arts Championship 
Red Ribbon Army 
General Blue 
Commander Red 
Fortuneteller Baba 

Contains 83 episodes in over 2000 minutes of action!

Special Features Include

  • TV Spots
  • Character Profiles
  • Bonus Full Length Feature "Curse of the Blood Rubies"

Region: 4 (PAL)
Classification: M,Moderate animated violence, Sexual references, Crude humour, Moderate themes
Format: DVD
Number of Discs: 12
Runtime: 2075 minutes
Number of Episodes: 83
Language: English 2.0, Japanese 2.0
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Original Aspect Ratio


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