Fairy Tail: Collection 14

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Fairy Tail: Collection 14

Battle at the Grand Magic Games!

The Grand Magic Games is a competition that pits guild against guild in a weeklong battle for the honour of being called the most powerful wizards in the Fiore Kingdom. Fairy Tail may have come in last place for the seven tournaments, but now that all their strongest are back in action--and levelled-up-they've determined to take the number one spot and rebuild their reputations!

Winning the games won't be easy, though, as Natsu and his selected teammates are forced to navigate enchanted labyrinths, battle wizard saints and go head-to-head with a host of familiar faces. But with more than one guild targeting Fairy Tail before the competition even begins the guild-mates will be lucky if they even make it out of the opening ceremonies alive.

Language: English, Japanese 

Episodes 154-164

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