Fairy Tail: Collection 15

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Fairy Tail: Collection 15

A threat behind the scenes at the Grand Magic Games!

The most epic magic tournament in history continues as Fairy Tail attempts to snatch victory from the strongest guilds in the Grand Magic Games. The competition heats up as the guilds in the competition start playing dirty, Erza takes it upon herself to challenge one hundred deadly opponents and four dragon slayers battle it out in an epic fight unlike anything the Fiore Kingdom has ever seen--one that threatens to rip the entire arena apart.

But as the spells fly in the gasses, a conspiracy targeting one of Fairy Tail's members plays out behind the scenes and a dark, familiar magic permeates the air. With the magical world completely focused on the competing guilds, a looming threat gains power - but will anyone notice before it's too late?

Language: English, Japanese 

Episodes 165-175

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