Naruto Shippuden: Collection 11 (Episodes 127-140)

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Naruto Shippuden: Collection 11 (Episodes 127-140)

Tales of a Gutsy Ninja: in two featured episodes, Tales of a Gutsy Ninja: Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls, go bad in time to witness how the young Jiraiya meet his destination at Mount Myoboku and trains to become the Toad Sage! Back in the present, Jiraiya successfully infiltrates the Hidden Rain Village and finds the hideout of the Akatsukis Pain. But will he be as successful in discovering the secret behind the multiple Pains? Meanwhile, Sasuke heads for the Uchiha hideout, where his brother, Jiraiya, awaits. The amazing visual prowess of the Uchiha comes into full play as the fateful battle begins!

Languages: English and Japanese.

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