One Piece (Uncut) Collection 34

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One Piece (Uncut) Collection 34
In the wake of his encounter with Bartholomew, Kuma, Luffy is marooned on the island of Amazon Lilly, a paradise of beautiful--but deadly--warriors. After interrupting the sacred bathing hour of the gorgeous Warlord, Boa, Hancock, the rubber-man faces the very real fate of being forever turned to stone!

A showdown with Hancock's venomous Snake Sisters offers Luffy the chance to-flight his way to freedom, but his honourable actions during the heat of battle make him a welcome guest on the island. Moved by tales of his attack on a Celestial Dragon, Hancock is smitten by the courageous pirate. Unfortunately, shocking news shortens his stay in her comely kingdom. Luffy's beloved brother Ace is being held in the impenetrable underwater prison of Impel Down, and time is running out on his life!

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