Pokemon: All Stars Gift Set (Limited Release)

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Pokemon: All Stars Gift Set (Limited Release)
Meet Pikachu, an Electric-type Pokemon that has the power to zap
opponents with electricity. Ash is Pikachu's Trainer and after a stubborn
fi rst encounter as well as the occasional accidental zap, the two
grow to become best friends!

Meet Wobbuffet, the Patient Pokemon that chooses to endure
attacks except when its tail is attacked. Wobbuffet's Trainer is Jessie,
who ended up with the Pokemon by accident. With its curious nature
Wobbuffet can be distracting at times, but Jessie secretly cares about it.

Meet Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokemon that supposedly contains
happiness in its shell. Togepi's Trainer is Misty and although she
doesn't let the Pokemon battle, it has saved the day on more than one
occasion using its unpredictable Metronome move.

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